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An apple green suede jumpsuit, with the Jaeger double belt and a Scott Wilson neck-piece

Jaeger is not a brand I would traditionally wear, but after picking up pn a piece from their summer 09 collection quite by accident after admiring it on a friend, I went and bought it. It is a voluminous blouse with a super-magnified animal print in a grey and black colourway, as well as multi-fronds swooping down from a kind of Elizabethan collar. I guess I really should find a picture....

ANYWAY. After that I occasionally shopped the lookbook (as you do) and recently bought a grey sweater dress from the Jaeger London collection during the cold snap, which my girlfriend promptly stole to wear for work. Well, she was filming outside. I feel weird saying this because I am the sort of girl who wears Rick Owens and longs to wear Givenchy and Haider Ackermann, but I am becoming rather partial to some of the staples that Jaeger has to offer. So I gathered a few together with the help of Jaeger press office so we can start our week with a "Oh my god I can't believe its Jaeger" moment.

These black trousers looked amazing on the runway, and are the perfect volume level and stop just on the ankle - which is the trousers length of the spring season, I'll have you know

A nice close-up of the Scott Wilson piece - a good collaboration methinks, this piece really lifts the outfits

This is the signature dress in the collection, and the stripes make it really flattering, and would give me some curves. I've seen the Jaeger girl Lara Stone modelling this dress, and she looks hot, so it works with curves too. In fact it would probably work with most body shapes! Again I like the double belt and neck-piece (noticing a theme there). The orange pops give it a fashion kick.

Here are the black trousers above shown in red. See what I mean? I wonder if I would have the guts to step out in a 100% red look like this?

Khaki is the hot colour for spring, (well, and pastels) and I like the crazy dimensions of these shorts, they would make any leg look slimmer, and they're cute and on trend. A girl with a bit of fashion nous could definitely make them her own.

I think even I could wear a pastel pink taffeta mini-skirt - especially when paired with a chic blazer, loose
fit tank and some cool shoes. I would probably wear my Givenchy wedges with this.

This bag is subtle enough to be taken out a lot, and glamorous enough to get noticed, which makes it a perfect social staple.

Will be back at you with on sale dates, and links through to all items within the week - when Jaeger know, we'll know!
Until then, visit Jaeger at

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