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On Fashionblogs from Mary Scherpe on Vimeo.

Thanks to BryanBoy's ever on it nature, today I happened across this fascinating dialogue between Suzy Menkes and Mary Scherpe from Stil In Berlin, the German street photography blog. Apart from Sarah Mower, who embraced the Internet medium as early as 2000 by writing her catwalk show reviews online for Style.com, Suzy Menkes is the fashion doyenne who closely examines the changing nature of fashion's relationship with the online universe, and also accurately communicates it to the world at large. Her story on Balmain vs Balenciaga, writtern during the SS10 r-t-w collections, was just brilliant. Rumour has it that Anna Wintour has banned the word blog from being uttered in her presence. I think this story could be true, but only because she doesn't like the sound of the word itself. I can relate to that. Obviously I love blogging. But three of them on a Sunday the week before the end of January can only mean one thing - I had better stop procrastinating and  DARN WELL DO MY TAX RETURN.  


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