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Ok, thanx to my friend Maris who had really cool blog as well
I can use internet in China without worries:) And of course thanx to this proxy. So if you are in China or elsewhere , you can install and use it for free. It just made my day, seriously! Finally i can use blogger, facebook, twitter, youtube etc like normal human being:))
And another great news - blogger and fashion illustrator Iullia Stanecu published interview about me and my illustrations over there
I wont repeat my illustrations, cause you have seen them, but here is interview, originally published on Instead I have a new illustration Bella :
These fabulous illustrations are made by Ladiga Baiba, a talented fashion illustrator who lives in China. The unique style of her illustrations, the vivid colors she uses in her paintings, or the creative process behind such beautiful pieces, are only a few things that has convinced me to invite Baiba to write a guest here post about the story behind her artwork.
Enjoy this precious guest post of Ladiga Baiba and her stunning fashion illustrations with Chinese smell!

Ladiga Baiba’s Brand 
Two years ago I moved to Shanghai to work as a fashion design lecturer at Raffles Design Institute. Most of the time I was teaching fashion drawing and sketching so I had to practice a lot. I couldn’t stop drawing even after getting back home so this is how I actually realized that I really love fashion illustration. So far I was more into fashion design and styling which still remains my favorite things as well. I am still trying to improve and find my true signature style.

The Creative Process and the Inspiration
I love to use fashion magazines as a source of inspiration. For sure life model would be so much better, but I have done it a lot during my study years. So right now I need just inspiring shot and most of the time result has nothing to do with my final piece cause I improvise a lot. It can be an eye catching pose or color combination or deep, intelligent look. And I live in China right now and it’s like being in a movie nonstop.
I love to start straight with ink brush and gel ink pen or markers. I have realised that using lead pencil at first can ruin some spontaneous, fresh and light feeling so i try to avoid using it or I just use it to sketch some main lines. But sure, for beginners lead pencil is a must.

Art Academy and Skills
Well, I’ve studied drawing and painting since I was ten and this is great background for my illustrations. Since 5th grade I knew I want to study at Art Academy of Latvia. First I thought I would like to be painter, but I got scared of a bit snobbish situation in Latvian Art scene. My parents are not artists so I had this silly idea that coming from artist family is a must to become successfull painter. So I did fashion instead and will never regret it cause during my studies I got it all - painting and drawing classes where tough by most talented artists from my country and I could create my fashion design collections as well. Drawing, painting  and fashion design skills are a plus for any fashion illustrator, cause just realistic drawing won’t do a thing - we love to stretch and stylize figure.

The Fashion Illustration Career
I am truly happy that I found my way to fashion illustration, but I still want to continue with fashion styling and design as well. I have a great plans!
But what I really enjoy about fashion illustrations is that this market is less snobbish and more down to earth than fashion design - no drama, money or dirty games involved. True talent really shines and you just simply can’t fake it!
And one of the best things about fashion illustration - I can create new illustrations every day, almost everywhere without any worries about investments.

Continuous Success
I still consider myself as a beginner in a fashion illustration field. I launched mywebsite where I mainly showcase my illustration only last November. Few month ago I opened my Etsy shop as well and got my first costumers.
And so far I am doing quite well - I am selected as one of nominees for Iconique Societás Awards, actually both categories - illustration and styling.
My illustrations will be published on Kismet Magazine February issue and I hope this year I will get my firsts big clients and hopefully exhibitions as well.

Selling Illustrations Online
In fact selling my work isn’t that important at the moment, I am just enjoying creating process and still getting quite fascinated from the fact that people really like my work. But sure, it makes me very happy if somebody is ready to pay for it, I mean - I must be doing something right! So hopefully one day I can buy that house and live happily ever after from just selling my art.
As a beginner I am spending more time on creating new stuff than promoting my work and finding clients, but Internet is my best companion for self promotion.
Internet - my website, blog and just started my Facebook fan page. Perhaps I should do something more, but that’s just a question of time. During the Christmas I made and sent a present for some agencies, magazines and friends - my fashion illustration calendar “Splashes 2010” and it got a really good response.

Ladiga Baiba’s Dreams for The Next Two Years
Hope my work will get published in one of those amazing fashion illustration books and I will get editorials in fashion magazines, get more recognition, join some cool agency and to have a few exhibitions under my belt. I also plan to improve a lot, so that is why I am going to start already this month Chinese wash & ink paint or shui-mo hua classes here in Shanghai, so I can  learn new techniques and combine them with my style.

Some Advices for Aspiring Fashion Illustrators
Draw every single day, every moment and everything you find inspiring challenging. Drawing from life is your best teacher. Be critical to your self, cause not every illustrations is going to be your masterpiece, so be selective. Ask your friends for comments and suggestions. Don’t copy others and listen to your self. Be informed what is going on in this field and learn how to promote your self. Choose your favorite media and find your unique style that will stand out! Good luck!


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