I am back!

So it's been a while
I am back in Shanghai and I was not really able to post anything on my blog because:
1) Internet sites like blogger, wordpress, facebook, twitter, youtube etc, are simply banned her in China and to use them I have go through some special sites and it is simply annoying and unfair, cause Chinese version of BlogSpot http://www.blogspot.com.cn/ is working!

2) My Mac book died! After 1,5 years of using it I have been to Apple service for five times (normally it is top case broken charger) but this time it was mother plate. And they asked me to pay for the cracked top case and charger replacement (it happened by it self once again). It is just crazy, because I have bought Apple care so it suppose to be for free. So I just suggest to all of you, who has the same problem, post photos of your this flickr group
And this link is really useful:
„There have been reports of cracking at the interface of the keyboard and the computer case, and Apple has not consistently provided repair or replacement for these cracked laptops.
Seeger Weiss LLP is investigating claims of Macbook laptop cracks for a potential class action lawsuit. If you have a Macbook that has cracked, and you would like to speak with an attorney regarding your potential rights please fill out the contact form ...“

3)I move in a new flat. And it is really lovely! I am shearing it with nice french couple andf later one they will switch with french designer. But the best thing about this appartament is – we have a private rooftop so this summer is going to be just amazing!

4)And I am teaching again so I am supper busy. But its fun to be in Shnaghai aagin so I will try to post more often about my life over there and new illustrations for sure!


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