Swedish Fashion exhibition in Shanghai

Besides all the craziness I had to go through this weekend like The Peaches concert ( was enough kuku, just was wondring what that guy on the stage was using to make him look so so strange/scared/stoned). 
So to prove my self that I am still intelectual human beeing and not just party animal, I spent all finaly sunny Saturday in Shanghai on my bike and had a nice sightseeing and saw some nice exhibitions. So the firts one on my list was ( finaly) fashion exhibition Swedish Fashion - Exploring a New Identity at the River South Art Center in Shanghai.( really love this venue)
Oh I went to Expo site as well, but didn't have camera/phone with me, so I couldnt take any photo, but all i can say - my favoritepavilions so far are UK, Poland and The Netherlands. 

This one was one of my favorites, fabric manupulation is beyond imagination! By Sandra Backlund.

Swedish Fashion - Exploring a New Identity at the River South Art Center in Shanghai from April 9 to May 23
The exhibition features the following designers: Ann-Sofie Back, Sandra Backlund, Martin Bergström, Blank, Burfitt, Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair, Helena Hörstedt, Rickard Lindqvist, The Local Firm, Nakkna, Diana Orving, Rodebjer, Göran Sundberg.
There are some nice fashion short movies too.
Furthermore, fashion will play a major role at Sweden's national Expo event at the European Square on May 23, where the Shanghai based choreographer Jin Xing will choreograph a unique fashion performance with outfits from Swedish fashion designers.
No. 1247 Nan Suzhou Rdwww.riversouthsh.com
地点:上海市南苏州路1247号 南岸艺术中心
Open Tuesday-Sunday, 10 am - 6 pm with free guided tours at 2 pm in the weekends. 

And photo exhibition at The Dutch Culture Centre http://www.2010dcc.com/
is worth to see, too.
 Photos: Baiba Ladiga( the quality is not amazing, just had my phone with me)


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