Large scale fashion illustration cut out

So this is the largest illustration i ever done.. Ok, ok  I am kidding, it was enlarged and printed out from my tiny illustration. This one is for my students - Raffles Design Institute Shanghai Graduation fashion show ( next week, so I ll post some stoff from this event, hope ll be nice)
I am not superhappy about the quality of cut out, but well it was not my fault,hah.
Yesteday Shanghai fashion week was fun ( thanx to my girlfriends and my red jacket i guess, hah:), but a bit too boooooring so i guess i am not going today and any other day, cause I already checked some designers websites and its same same boring. Hope there will be some rising Chinese fashion stars soon ( like Ma Ke), cause we are kind of bored with all those qipao dresses and stuff thats already in fashion now. It is still too oldfashioned and too predictable, so that's why I am here to make some rising stars (my students, hah)
I will post some photos later from yesterday's shows , cause I left my bulky Canon somewhere thats not my house i guess.


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