Ok bit****Peaches coming to Shanghai!

It can't get better then this! Finaly I feel I am not living in some strange planet where live music is  ehmm blabla and last live perfomance from "outside" was something like Celinedion or backstreetboys or some sh** like that... And now Peaches, Thats just great! Sending virtual kiss to who ever came up with this amazing idea. And yeah,MAO Livehouse- its like 5 min from my apartment. You can order your tickets here  ( I did it already huh) 

Exactly one year ago was one the craziest nights in my life, I was in Shelter and Reptile and Retard was  going nuts! You cant miss their perfomance before Peaches, I mean- they re superkuku!
Video Jesus from last year ( that girl in stupid blue qipao dress is me hahaha)

Ok I am on my way to color the eggs an make my mustache 4 tonight home party's. Ydays home party was great , but the best happened in Dada hahaha
And yes have to fight with eggs and celebrate todays exhibition!


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