Studds + Shanghai Fashion Week a/w 2010/11

Sometimes saturday morning is soooooooooo painful. Like today. So for a little recovery i am heading today  to Shanghai Fashion Week a/w 2010/11.

Today it is swedish designers Ann Sofie Back show.
According to : "This cutting-edge Swedish designer brings to you her A/W womenswear which was presented at London Fashion Week in February. The collection is inspired by online game Second Life and Angelia Jolie" 
Well i have no idea about this online game, but sounds good combination:)
Oh and just before Christmas I had this thing on my wishlist:
    Yes, that's right - Givenchy studded headband, but as it cost  500 USD and that's a bit insane, I made my own version using 2 kwai earings.

Oh and scissor earings are made by me as well:)
 And it looks great with my supercool glasses-with- lashes ( made by me as well for lashes and taches home party. Hah.


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