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There is much fuss being made in the corridors of power in fashion about un-schooled interlopers crashing the scene. And there is a back atcha element to the exchange too, as bloggers get het up about fashion editors getting het up about them.

The online fuss that came out of fashion blogger Tavi's head bow obscuring the view of my colleague Paula Reed of Grazia made me realise that there is some genuine animosity towards fashion professionals from the fashion writers in the blogosphere. WHY???  I can't fathom it. We trained, earned ourselves jobs in fashion, carry them out professionally and are doing our jobs when we attend shows. We also promote fashion bloggers, read them, and support them. In my case I've become a fashion blogger too! What IS the problem?

So, I had to laugh at the gall of these two muppets, opps, I mean two posh prep school kiddies whose attempt to foil New York Fashion Week by hacking databases and putting themselves into the seating plans of major New York fashion shows got foiled.

I have to hand it to Becca Shumlin and Remy Renzullo (above), though, their ticket request letter was pure (misguided, yet twistedly correct in its structure) genius!

Hi [redacted],

This is Remy Renzullo, requesting an invitation for Alexandre Herchcovitch's Fall/Winter 2010 show. I work as a freelance stylist, currently working with the future first lady, Deborah Shumlin, of Vermont for the campaign trail and hopefully elected office. More information can be found here: In addition I have been signed on to contribute to a new fashion magazine, FUTURE. I would love to have seats or standing if available for myself and Rebecca Shumlin, the magazine's editor-in-chief and daughter of the future governor and, myself. Please let me know if this will be possible.

Thanks so much for your time,

Remy Renzullo

Read the full, hilarious story from Gawker here. Then worry that the future of fashion could be in the hands of the Remy's and Becca's of this world, and with PR's who want to give show tickets to people with those kind of credentials!

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