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This is the Fashion Editor at Large's absolute favourite look from SS10 ACNE

Love the label ACNE. It's the acronym for Ambition to Create Novel Expression and this intention sums up a philosophy to work that is as good as it gets.

Tonight ACNE are having a catwalk show in London. It's their AW10 show. This show will be held before any other mainstream catwalk show in New York, London, Paris or Milan. So, quite a bold move. But if you think that Stella, Celine, Givenchy and a large number of other fashion houses have shown their pre-collections already in Paris we can see that ACNE are in a comfortable place. Their clothes are the equivalent of a giant pre-collection without the mainline to go along with it. In this, as in so many things, ACNE are on another plane of thinking when it comes to conducting their fashion business.

ANYWAY. I adore Jonny Johansson the man behind ACNE fashion, we have enjoyed some fun dinner conversation and I have a sense of wonder for the way his mind works. 

So when I read the below, it made me even more intrigued for the show tonight.

"When I was playing football with my sons, I approached this man who was wearing the most incredible shoes. I had seen him previously walking by my apartment in the most amazing creations - and I was super intrigued as to who he was - it was only later when talking to him that I found out he was Ingmar Bergman's set and costume designer and I realised I loved his work as much as his look."

Turns out Jonny is talking about the legendary Charles Koroly, one of the most successful costume and set designers in Sweden. When we get access to the show venue later it will be Koroly's set design serving as a backdrop to ACNE'S AW10 catwalk show. I wonder if he will be there wearing his incredible shoes.

Love, love, love this dress! Might have to battle with the Fashion Junior at Large for it. Or maybe we can wear on alternate days.

This jacket is Garth Brooks-tastic

This dress will become wearable on the last day of my greek holiday this year, I hope.

Shop the collection here:
Check back later for reports from the show!


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