terrible day and there is nobody around when i really need support...am i that bad?

It was a really bad evening for me. Tried to call some of my friends - nothing... This is Shanghai. Hard to find real friends. And lately I be  trying to avoid those "fake friends" who are there only when they need something from you. That just sucks. Back home I always had some true friends I could trust, over there - nope... And i work in a fashion field, and it is always competitive and fake, That what i hate about it.
Life is too short, lets face it,and its a waist of time seeing people who doesn't care for you or who are just pretending to be your friends and just bullshiting and gossiping behind your back, and that it, Life  is too short for that.
Ok, so my BF called and a few girls i didnt expect and I feel better, The only thing i can say - sometimes i really hate being in China, as a foreigner, woman, it can give you a hard times really...
But it's not just today. I am still sick, actually more then one month, still waiting for that special Skype call from Latvia. Ok, but fuck that.
Alexander Mcqueen died and that was a huge schock for me. Sure i didnt know him personally, but for a few days i felt just terrible, it hit me  quite hard. You see, i am quite sure that he is/was one of the most talented, greatest fashion designers?artist we ever had/ will have . And he was the only one i always checked on skype.com. Truly sensitive soul. There is no replacement. I mean seriously - there are way too many boring, non talented, superconfident designers(?), who just create shit nobody really needs or likes. Or they just handsome and super social and wear those clown outfits and ridiculous hats to look "COOL"
I really enjoy just staying at home and drawling. Seriously, this is the most honest way i can spend my Chinese New year holidays( and there are nonstop fireworks outside)
I made quiet a lot fashion  illustrations for Dazed& Confuse cover contest. I think this portrat on Merilyn Manson is really Mcqueen inspired... Mixed media - markers,  Chinese paper cut and plastiate layers...Enjoy


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