Amazing fashion illustrator book!

Just bought this book: Fashion Illustrator (Portfolio) (Paperback)by Bethan Morris (Author)

I found it in Shanghai foreign book bookstore, but I had no idea it is brand new! Published just this month. So the best part is interviews with illustrators or contemporary fashion illutration showcase. Including illustrators like Stina Persson, Paula Sanz Caballero, Cecilia Carlsted etc. As well tutorial section where you can see work process of Tina Berning and others. There is also guidance on careers for the fashion illustrator, portfolio presentation and working with an agent. Huh, really cool, I am happy!

250 illustrations
240 pages
256 x 215 mm
Published February 2010
More info you will find over there :,+2nd+edition.htm

And he rest of my day was supercool - spent all day on my bike, browsing streets of Shanghai, had my favourite icecreem After eight and bought some cool Chinese painting books ( on weight!!) as well got in my favourite art tool shop on Fuzhou lu, which was almost losed, but I had to buy that watercolor  paper, color pencil set and other super imortant things to create new  fashion  illustrations! I am very busy, u know:)


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