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I managed to catch up with James Pecis, god of ACNE hair, behind the scenes and this was what he had to say about the look him and his team created for the Svart Sno show:

'There's a post-apocalyptic feel to it. The inspiration behind this look came from Star Wars and Mad Max, a very futuristic aesthetic. ACNE makes a bold statement with their minimalism, and we wanted to stay true to that with the hair styling in this show. The model's hair is long and blow dried straight, with skinny plaits through the crown and framing the face. It works to contrast the strong make-up'

Check out the plaits James talks about. This seems a very hard style to replicate for a gal who never even came close to mastering the French plait as a youngster. 

A work in progress...

Doesn't this just encapsulate the backstage mood perfectly? All hands on deck for that one late model (there's always one!)


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