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Bad news - The Tramshed, venue of Svart Sno (or Black Snow) ACNE's AW10 show had a distinct lack of wireless access, which means that this report is coming to you a couple of hours later than previously stated. Nevertheless, as promised, here is the backstage coverage as seen through the lens of the Fashion Junior at Large (expect a vital opinion on the full collection from the Fashion Editor at Large tomorrow PM)

This sea of pink ACNE gift-bags contained a large dark bottle of perfumed room spray. The fragrance was created in collaborated with Stockholm based BYREDO especially for the Svart Sno show in the hope that attendees will 'remember this space and the night when you smelled it' (Jonny Johansson).

Here are the models in a pre-show run through. The atmosphere was tense but alive with excitement and creativity. (Check out the MOD - Model Off Duty - looks).

The girls wore ACNE AW10 shoes for the run through to practise walking in those spindly heels and super-size platforms.

  ACNE founder and creative director Jonny Johansson and stylist Michelle Jank oversee the direction of the show.


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