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Way back in 2007, Victoria Beckham strode onto the field at a baseball game between the New York Mets and the LA Dodgers to do the ceremonial first pitch. At the time, if my memory serves me correctly, the press had a lovely time talking about how VB was so dedicated to her heels that she couldn't even bring herself to wear flat trainers for her sporting appearance. Fast forward over five years and Mrs Beckham has come a long way since those peroxide crop days. I can't remember the last time we saw her in anything approaching a hot pant and there have even been forays into ballet shoes, biker boots and gladiator sandals. The Victoria Beckham in the photo above is almost unrecognisable from the chic designer we see today, even if the footwear was by Dries Van Noten . 

British Vogue, January 2013
And yet, I have a sneaking suspicion that those bright white wedges might have crept onto the mood boards sketching out fashion for 2013. In case you hadn't noticed, last year was dominated by the wedge trainer; Isabel Marant's Bekket and Ash's Bea sparked thousands of imitations and some even said that these were "new Uggs". The evolution of the sporting wedge has now taken a seriously high end swerve, much like Posh Spice herself. In a colour blasted, Paul Weller inspired Patrick Demarchelier shoot starring Karen Elson in January's Vogue, Lucinda Chambers was clearly so taken with Jil Sander Navy's wedges that she used them in every single full-length shot of the 12 page shoot. Yesterday, Celine's pre-fall collection was unveiled complete with several rifs on the wedge trainer. Unlike their high top relations, the new wedge sport shoe is clean and rather smart with tight laces best worn in a neat bow. The curve of the wedge is in full view, instead of muffled under padding, and they are seriously high. Certainly no contender for Ugg replacement. Get yours at Saks or Solestruck, white hot pants not advisable. 
Celine Pre-Fall 2013 (

Celine pre-fall 2013 (


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