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In her column on Fluffy Jumpers-which let's face it, we've all been living in for the past two weeks- Jess Cartner-Morley warns that their time as our sartorial go-to is limited, that the trail of fluff we leave is "fashion's way of telling you the post-Christmas hibernation period is over". When a mere month ago it was hard to see past the fuggy forthcoming swing between cosy knitwear and party dresses, now is the time to get our look together again, wipe the slate clean and perhaps try out fashion's new soft pared back mood. Gone is the austere sharpness of old school minimalism, in its place something inspired by  the soft curve of a Givenchy or Balenciaga Spring/ Summer flounce or the delicate twist of a Celine bow shirt.

Gently minimal... Celine SS13
Filippa K, one of the lesser known but nevertheless well established Skandi brands, sent me these quite beautiful images of their SS13 collection back at the beginning of December when all I could really think about was cocktail rings and glittery socks. Today, however, they seem completely perfect and very much in keeping with fashion's new direction. Everything looks buttery and luxurious, like a gentle, hand held, fresh start. Nothing that's too much of a shock to the system, which is surely what January is all about? Of course, Julia Stegner's mussed up Germanic blondness helps too. It looks to me like by far the best selection of the brand's cocooning but smart knits and no-nonsense cropped trousers will be at one of their stores in Denmark, Sweden and the like. If that's not on your 2013 agenda then Anthroplogie, Nelly and Atterley Road make a good start.

Images courtesy of Filippa K, by Lachlan Bailey


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