Honk Kong Fashion week and Pop Art shows...

 So I was in Hong Kong for a couple of days and reasons and besides my business stuff I planned to see   Andy Warhol exhibition and Hong Kong Fashion Week. So here is what i saw. 
Andy Warhol exhibition @ The Hong Kong Museum of Art proved to me once again that Pop Art was way too commercial movement to consider as and Art form that moves your heart and leaves you truly speechless. I was BORED! All these Dollar icons, Merlin portraits and soup cans in popping colours we have seen way too much and often..
But don't get me wrong, maybe I just love Hong Kong colours and tones way better: 

And inspired by all those super nice colour and tone combinations I went to Hong Kong Fashion week that turned out more like a Fashion Fair and commercial brand show than Fashion Week we know by International standards so check before you go. 

It consist of two parts - HKTDC World Boutique  that is held concurrently with the Hong Kong Fashion Week.
I went to I.T show and it was OK. I wish styling would be better as I believe I.T. is one of the best multi brand fashion stores in Asia besides Lane Crawford.


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