Japanese Fashion Illustrator Ohgushi exhibition, Tokyo

 Last weekend, just before Halloween madness I went to Tokyo Graphic Passport  to see Japanese Fashion Illustrator exhibition, where besides Ohgushi one can see artworks from various art disciplines and fields, including Seiichi HishikawaWataru YonedaShuzo OkabeDaisy BalloonOhgushi,yang02So KannoTakeshi Hamadaso+ba  works. 
Ohgushi is one of the biggest stars in Japanese Fashion Illustration thanx to his life drawings sessions that can be seen on http://www.ohgushi.jp/livepainting.html. Unfortunately I missed the last life drawing session as I was busy visiting Tokyo Fashion Week shows, but the result of this life drawing is this large scale ( more than 1x 1m) can be seen in my photo:
To be honest I did see some pencil marks on this watercolor paper so he probably does some preparation before performance, but anyway his technique and skill is so great that I couldn't refuse my self to get the book with his beautiful Ohgushi Bijinga book. His signature technique of painting the lips is really unique and eyes and hairstyles are painted in a mix of Japanese traditional Ink painting style  and realistic painting. Ohgushi normally uses India Ink and water color on Japanese paper, but in this exhibition he used more Watercolor paper, acrylic and gouache. The list of his clients is impressive as well. Ok I am back to work!


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