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The slogan t-shirt is no new thing but the statements we chose to carry around for all to see are a barometer for the major concerns of the day. Where once, it was all about an anti-nuclear protest or a declaration of love for The Rolling Stones, it's time for fashion designers themselves to have their moment. With all the hopping between houses and going up against one another in frankly ridiculous media-fanned "battles", there has never been a better time to plaster the name of your preferred creative across your chest/ back/ bag. This is way more brazen than the golden chink of bag branding or the knowing choice of the stand-out catwalk item from your favourite brand, the t-shirt shows the world exactly which team you're on. Well, providing the people around you are savvy enough to recognise the significance of the word "Kawakubo". I made the grave mistake of taking to wearing a "In Karl We Trust" t-shirt from Monsieur Steve while I was at uni which attracted numerous surprised enquiries about my new found fondness for Karl Marx. The fact I was in fact showing support for Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld went right over most people's heads. Choose your audience wisely. 

Jumping for Comme des Garcons' Rei Kawakubo (image via

Anyway, at Browns press day last week, hot new label Les Plus Dorés which translates as something like "The Most Golden Ones" was on show. The tees are the brainchild of Benjamin Fainlight and have been a sell-out thus far from their e-tail site but happily Browns has bought into the range which lets us sartorially shout from the rooftops our love for Celine's Phoebe Philo and, perhaps controversially, Hedi Slimane. Each tee also arms us with extra fashion geek points, telling us the year the designer was born. Les Plus Dorés are due to drop into Browns anytime between now and 15th December and will be a rather bargainous £70. Thus even if a Celine coat or Comme dress is way beyond your means, you can still put your hand up to be counted among the followers of your most beloved fashion designer. You may like to peruse the offerings of Monsieur Steve who knocks up super fun, tongue-in-cheek fashion tees. I remember one showgoer at the latest round of shows demonstrating the most brilliantly ironic way to wear your "Who the Fuck is Prada?" t-shirt; with the most Prada-ish of Prada optical illusion print trousers and crystal embellished shoes, bien sûr.


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