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It's been a funny old week in fashion, with most of the stories coming out of the US either halting or being mostly revolved around how NY's fashion community was coping with the Sandy crisis. There's still plenty of updates to get through before we light our sparklers for Bonfire Night.

"I had to be the first one to have an idea" is perhaps my favourite quote from The Guardian's interview with Miuccia Prada. A great read anyway, but especially if you want to better understand Mrs Prada's sensibilities, background and the secret to her brand's huge influence on the global fashion market. It's also a reminder, should you need one, that being intellectual and interested in fashion are not mutually exclusive traits.

Prada's Luna Rossa (Red Moon) Image via
In other Prada news, Miucca and her husband Patrizio Bertelli this week launched their £32million super yacht Luna Rossa. The lovely boat is not just for island-hopping and showing off about the fact you're in the Prada clan. Oh no. Luna Rossa is on a mission to compete in the America's Cup for 2013. In typically prda-ish fashion however, Bertelli had this to say "It's an industrial artefact that happens to sail on the ocean." Rather than being, you know, an actual boat. It's quite likely that Miuccia and Patrizio will be trying her out for themselves as sailing is one of their great hobbies.

Kate Moss opens up (image via
We are used to Kate Moss being  a "seen and not heard" kind of girl. So her wide-ranging interview with Vanity Fair is something of a surprise. However it shed light on numerous periods in Moss's life which have long been speculated on. She speaks about being exploited as a young model and suffering a breakdown; "I felt really bad about straddling this buff guy. I didn’t like it. I couldn’t get out of bed for two weeks. I thought I was going to die." She also describes the aftermath of break-up from Johnny Depp -"Years and years of crying. Oh, the tears!” This month's Vanity Fair is a must-read for Moss aficionados. This is also a great piece focussing on her comments on starting out as a model.

Jane Shepherdson talks shop (via Whistles)
Jane Shepherdson, CEO of Whistles, gave one of the most honest and insightful interviews I've ever  read from a fashion insider this week. Speaking to Business of Fashion, she spoke about how she took on transforming Whistles from a "lightly boho, pretty, slightly girly-frilly brand" to the on-trend but workable go-to which it represents today. She also quashed all over the top claims that Duchess Kate has brought millions of pounds into the coffers of the labels she chooses to wear. BoF Editor Imran Ahmed also asked Shepherdson about expansion plans, sales and the dangers of convention wisdom.

Coach was this week awarded a rather symbolic £160 million after a court found in the handbag maker's favour. Hundreds of websites selling fake Coach handbags will now be shut down. It will be impossible, however, for Coach to recoup their compensation as the proprietors of the websites cannot be traced. All they will receive is the remaining funds in the PayPal and Western Union accounts. Even when the law comes down in your favour, practicalities remain a barrier.

Marni's polka perfume (image via
Two exciting fragrance launches announced this week. First up is Marni which unveiled the spotted, cylindrical bottle which will be home to its first ever perfume. The new venture will be available sometime next year and is being produced in conjunction with Estee Lauder. We can expect it to be "sophisticated" but "eccentric". In the next installment of "What Carine Did Next", romours abound that a fragrance is on the cards. has come up with possibilities on the name front. Perhaps "Forgive Me" which Roitfeld patented earlier this year, or the simple "Carine Roitfeld" which is also protected. Any further ideas on a postcard, please.

Anna, Grace and Carine ousted by Sandy (image from
In "What Carine Did This Week" we can report that she stayed in a swanky uptown NY hotel with Anna Wintour. No, not for a girly getaway but as a refuge during hurricane Sandy. They reportedly bunked in at The Mark with Helena Christensen and Marc Jacobs. One can only imagine the slumber parties. Meanwhile, just around the corner at The Carlyle Grace Coddington moved in along with Karlie Kloss and Derek Blasberg. Now you know.

Lana Del Rey is one versatile brand ambassador. First came her campaign for H&M, then the bag bestowed with her name at Mulberry. Now, rumour has it that Versace have snapped her up as their latest star model. There are photos circulating among Ms. Del Rey's fans on Twitter which apparently confirm the news...

Both are from fan site @LanaDReyOnline. The love/ hate breakout music star of the past 18 months was apparently spotted in LA for the shoot. We await official news from Versace and Lana.

The rise and rise of Kate Upton continues with her first Vogue cover. The former Sports Illustrated star was shot by Steven Meisel (nath) for the Vogue Italia story, entitled Seductive. Find out more at the magazine's website, and see the video.

Kate Upton does the  vampy bombshell Italiana look for Vogue Italia (image from
Marion Cotillard is doing Raf's new Dior proud. I adore her in this navy and black (such a brilliant colour combination) strapless tulle gown from his SS13. Note the white heels.

Marion Cotillard in Raf Simons' Dior (image from
I'm sick of the halloween talk, but there is time for a quick mention of Lady Gaga and Rihanna's matching All Hallow's Eve costumes. Something of a green, weedy theme... Naughty!
Gaga and Rihanna do green halloween (image from
Finally, video of the week is fashion film debut of my friend William McGregor who has already won many plaudits for his work, including brilliant short film Who's Afraid of the Water Sprite? Will created this slivering, snakey denim video for Italian label Freddy and seems to perfectly replicate how we would all like to feel our legs slipping easily into our jeans with out the struggling and pulling it oft involves.

FREDDY 'SNAKE' from William McGregor on Vimeo.


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