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My complete look
Back in October as fashion month was coming to a close I ventured East, to Hoxton Art Gallery for my maiden solo mission and the chance to be one of the first to design my own pair of Skullcandy Aviator Edit Headphones. As someone whose look isn’t complete without the day’s appropriate soundtrack, it has been my own personal struggle to get my music to look as a good as it sounds. I have searched for headphones that deliver both on style and quality but to no avail. What is available seems to be either low quality, ugly or just LARGE and mainly directed at men, style vacant men at that. With headphones it seems quality and style are almost mutually exclusive- but why?  Could Skullcandy’s new Aviator Edit be the answer to my prayers? The creatives at Skullcandy have married their high quality headphones, iconic Aviator model and handed over the role of designer to us – YAY.
Music meets art at Hoxton Art Gallery
Firstly I was talked through what I can only describe as an art installation showcasing Skullcandy’s entire range of headphones. I was taken through the evolution of Skullcandy, from skater brand to design conscious market leader. The brand’s Aviator style are perfect for those who create music and dress creatively. The headphones are recording quality and industry standard, they shape up well against their competitors. For any techies out there, their specs include impedance of 33ohms, a sound pressure level of 102db (1mW/500Hz), low distortion (0.05%)and high output ensuring your music sounds great. Skullcandy’s Jay Stevenson explained that, ''Aviators are industry standard, unlike a lot of other headphones of a similar price in the market, Aviators are good enough to create music with''– style and substance sounds good to me.
The Skullcandy family
When it came to my design I reverted straight to my default minimalist black but it seemed a shame 
to waste the design power in my hands and entirely uncreative. So with my head very much still in the
catwalks of New York/London/Milan/Paris I decided to seek inspiration for my edit from one of my favourite
shows, Erdem. With a last minute waver to the gorgeous simplicity of SS13’s monochrome, I thought Erdem’s
dewy palette would make for much more interesting designing. As designer you are able to choose the colour
of the headband, frame, caps and cord of your headphones from Skullcandy’s well selected colour palette.
Channelling my inner reptilian 50s Erdem woman I opted for a white headband, chrome frame, teal- glossy
caps and a pink cord. Once you have finished your edit you are invited to take snap shots of your designs and
share them on Twitter. And what’s more, you can order caps and cords in other colours so you can constantly
update your edit. In 10 days I had my SS13 Erdem Edit Headphones and was ready to walk the streets scoffing
at anyone sporting those bulky plastic headphones of a certain doctor. Now just to get my hands on some
Erdem to complete my look. . . a girl can dream. 
Design your own Skullcandy Aviator Headphones here

My Erdem Edit.


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