YEAH!!!! *#%!$!*()_*&^##$!!! I am selected as Iconique Societás Awards nominee!!!!
That's just really really supercool! I am very exited! I am so inspired and ready to create new stuff ( especially after my trip to Paris&Amsterdam) so I've some work to do already tomorrow!
From the other nominees I really like Wang Youyi fashion illustrations, she combines She does what I planed to do during my two year stay in China ( study Chinese painting, but I was too lazy or something, ok:) - she uses Chinese traditional Ink painting to create her  really stunning fashion illustrations. They look a bit like 60-ties combined with 90-ties, but technically-adorable!
Here are my favourite pieces from Wang Youyi:

From pfotographer selection I like Liselotte Schuppers photossesion and Irina Heer.
Ok now lets hope I win!
p.s  was recently voted one of the top 10 online fashion magazines in the world!


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