I've kinda gone off jeans lately. I have a cupboard full of jeans and every morning I swing open the doors of said cupboard and lean in with a hand out fully expecting myself to want to wear a pair today. But when it comes to it, I don't. It's strange how you can observe yourself not wanting to do something you thought you wanted to do. But this happens daily. Instead of jeans I'm grabbing either my tailored harem pants from Full Circle, my button leggings from Future Classics or thick wool treggings from Freda at Matches. There is good reason for this of course, jeans have stopped being uber-fashionable and gone back to informal basic status. WELL, that's what I thought BEFORE I saw the jeans shown above from Superfine, which are available online at Browns. In my head I am so that girl today (most days). What I LOVE about both of those jeans - apart from the design, obviously - is that they look like a lifestyle choice. They are definite and sexy and you can wear them a hundred times and know you'll feel good. And I can vouch for the fact that Superfine fit like a glove and the waistband doesn't cut into you in a way that makes you fear for your fertility as so many jeans do. Tomorrow I am getting myself to Browns and using my press discount! :)


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