STOP THE CLOCKS! Nick Kirkwood does FLAT shoes!

Posted by the Fashion Editor at Large

How happy am I? I was wandering through the uber-slick press day held by Relative MO at London's Fashion Central aka Somerset House this week (where everything is happening - even a Tiffany sponsored ice rink, if you please) when I happened upon Nicholas Kirkwood's new shoe collection for SS10.

I am a huge Kirkwood fan. His shoes are beautiful. Wearable sculptures. My friend Yasmin Sewell has the sexiest pair he ever did, black grosgrain high heels with a pearl wedged inbetween the heel and the sole. And he is lovely. A real gentleman; even when we are falling out of Le Baron at two in the morning on one of those very rare Paris nights out at the end of the show marathon.

ANYWAY. The point of this post was in the headline. Up to now Nick has always done very high heeled shoes. And he did do lots of them for SS10 too. But I'm not showing you them, sorry, I was so excited by the flats I forgot to photograph the high heels.

Reason is I'm five foot nine and a bit, so I don't need to wear high heels in my daily life, only when I'm going for car-to-bar/restaurant, an awards ceremony or something - so about once a week. But I do like a beautiful flat shoe, and lo and behold here are Nick's! He obviously picked up on the new fashion mood in the air for a shoe that is not so ridiculously high.

I love how Nick has made his flats so feminine, but not too girlie. He even paid attention to the heel and gave them that sculptural edge he gives his high heels. So without further ado, lets feast our eyes on them. Ok, so "feast" is not really the word. A flat doesn't give me fashion goosebumps, but there is the large advantage that here are Kirkwood shoes we can wear all day and can feel more pleasure than pain.

I like the ones with the contrast tips.

The Fashion Junior at Large (who you will meet very soon) loved these.

These are the sculptural heels I was telling you about.


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