Posted by the Fashion Editor at Large from a high speed train going very fast to Scotland

Never travelled first class on a train before, but I am to Edinburgh right now. It definitely beats flying up as you can work, blog!!! wi-fi at 125mph, talk, eat and relax on the way. I'm launching a charity shop with Grazia, Save The Children and Mary Portas in the morning. It's a follow-on from the Westfield one we did in the summer. Doing it felt like a most worthwhile thing. So I'm back for more. Got to give back. Anyone in Edinburgh reading this should come down tomorrow (Dec 1) from 10am - we've got donations from Christopher Kane, Jonathan Saunders, Holly Fulton, Graeme Black and Pringle (and more) for goodness sakes! The charity sector and Scotland hasn't seen anything like it. "Mary's Living and Giving Shop" is at 34 Raeburn Place, Stockbridge, Edinburgh. Will post pictures by phone in the morning (another new technique I am attempting to master).
Ooh la la.


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