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I was just going through my pictures from the press days, and apart from being in a thrall to my girlfriend's camera - a sexy black Nikon D90 - I continually marvel at the incredible detail a multi-million pixel digital camera picks up. Its all too easy to think of high fashion and connect that mentally with a catwalk image and forget about the craft and hours of skilled work that goes into a finished garment.
So just because I can, I'm posting close-ups of some of the SS10 pieces I've been admiring recently.

McQueen fabric
A hand-finished corset top with beading and lacing by Antonio Berardi
Galliano shoes that come with a detachable bangle, so the heel of your shoe matches your bangle. 

This the bottom section - as in rear end - of another McQueen dress

A close-up of an Erdem fabric. Exquisite. I would like to put it on my wall.
Leather cut out jacket by Graeme Black. I would love the technicans behind all these fabrics to talk me through sometime.


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