The Briefing- my favourite Latvian band leader Kristina wearing my fashion design

Ok, finaly I can tell you about supercool band The briefing and supertalanted Latvain singer Kristina Dobele. I first saw her on TV and imidiately knew I want to work with her, her voice is just magic, hah! So I am happy to give my fashion creations for stage and she really looks loveley wearing them (as you can see on photos above)
Last Saturday I finaly saw them perfoming live in Riga@ Dirty Deal Cafe.  Ok, first time was a few years ago, when The Briefing played live for my fashion show Nina Japan edition( I presented that fashion collection aslo in Tokyo, Japan, 2007). And that was just amazing and very special!
Poster design: André Schubert
A bit of history:
"The Briefing is five musicians from Latvia based in the city of Liepaja. The band exists from 2002. Their music is a mix of jazz, funk, rock and pop elements with electronic sounds and expressive beats. Some critics compare their music style to such bands as Moloko and Bjork. The band live performances perfectly fit driving dance club atmosphere filled with power that comes from drum' />

The voice you hear over the music of The Briefing belongs to Kristina who is a lead vocalist as well the author of the lyrics. All songs are in English. Kristina writes about everything that comes to her mind, that’s why the lyrics sometimes are ironic and funny. She performs with a lot of passion. You can just feel those different characters created by the songs by watching her dancing and singing on the stage. Before writing new lyrics for a new song, the goal is always the same - the lyrics and music has to go side by side creating a new emotional experience. The biggest Latvian Daily press "Diena" has called them as one of the most progressive Latvian jazz bands, but now the band is moving closer to a more alternative feel in their sound."
Source :
I really hope they ll have great  future and success with their new album Remixed Thoughts, presented last Saturday. Is nice video from their concert during music festival Lelle Alternatiiv in Estonia
BTW I saw french electro AIR this week@Riga, too. Those french boys still rock !
Ok I am on my way to prepare for my trip to Rome-little present for my family:) Yeah, I am nice, I know hah..


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