Illustration is blossoming says The New York Times

Oh I really loved this article by by Ruth La Ferla of The New York Times. That is exactly why I love illustration so much - photographs start to look too similar, boring and fashion illustration is our great great future  cause it is  a unique and fresh way to show fashion.

“Illustration is suddenly blossoming a little,” said Robert W. Richards, the curator of “The Line of Fashion,” an exhibition of fashion drawings last spring at the Society of Illustrators in Manhattan. The form’s stylized graphics and distinctive hand have drawn admirers.
Anyone with a cellphone camera can become a paparazzo of sorts, documenting the crowd at a fair like Basel, noted Laird Borrelli, the author of “Fashion Illustration by Fashion Designers.” “But an illustrator can capture its poetry, document its mood or energy — those are subtle things that evoke something more than mere attendance.”

Despite boosts from technology, and Photoshop in particular, “photographs are beginning to look alike,” Mr. Richards said. That is partly because: “a camera can only see what it sees. In contrast, an illustrator can add to what he sees. He can make a skirt billow or hair flow more fiercely in the wind.”


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