I have been to Avatar's Moon Pandora!!!

I just got home from very inspiring and must see movie Avatar (3D) Huh, everything was great - amazing colors, effects and cute bluish aliens ( I really feel like drawing them)...but you know what -  I have seen it before, cause I have been to Avatar's Moon Pandora !
Where? In China! Remember those floating cliffs with some trees on  the top?
Well that is in Zhang Jia Jie National Forest Park, Hunan province, I visited it this summer. Really impressive:

This cliff  is the one on the poster  and main object in  the movie( just the bottom part chopped off)
There is Mother Nature created bridge also used in the movie Avatar

and most of us were wearing blue raincoats  or even pants like this chinese kid I met, so this is where they got inspiration for blue color, hah
 Me and my Avatar dressed like it should be on the Moon Pandora:)


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