So happy in Shanghai! YEAH YEAH YEAHS

Yeah, this is how I feel today! After crazy superstrange night ( as it is allways in Shanghai) - homeparty, stupid/basic club Lounge Vevlvet or whatever that sh** is called, then dancing till 5 am or something at Dada ( DJ was nuts- drunk and topless showing off his dumpling like body and chopstic style arms hahah),but after some shots of Absinth, things got much better hah.So I was dancig queen again( I wish hah)
Today-  amazing day I spent with Maris in Shanghai, we both bought identical sewing machines! Thay re so cool! I got another version of Diesel parfume ( Diesel Fuel for Life Unlimited) and I cant tell you about exiting news I got in my mail box today, but I will share it with you very soon, and belive me, I am totaly nuts from HAPPINESS!!!!!!
Illustration: Dazed and Confused cover contest submittion


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