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One of my favourite things about fashion week is exploring the exhibitions. You get the opportunity to speak to up and coming designers (with their lovely infectious enthusiasm and perma-smiles) and fondle the pieces to your heart's content. My discerning eye spied these beauties this season, I hope you like them too:

PROSE is the label of German designers Sabine Egler and Mirian Lehle. Their AW10 collection 'Blurred Vision' stays true to their slightly avant-garde off-kilter signature style, which I love!

'PROSE garments are a challenge of the senses, sculpturally draped and fluent. The textile prints have an artistic and manual aspiration and the surface is reflected by innovative knitstructures, textures and material experiments.'

Their collection is stocked at Topshop EDIT (an in-store boutique showcasing a collective of new design talent) at the Oxford Circus flagship.

The lovely Merle started her own label in 2008 and has had tons of press interest since (when I met her she told me the Grazia girls are all fans)

'Rough natural semi-precious stones are mixed with sleek, almost futuristic Perspex shapes while chunky vintage chains sit alongside delicate Swarovski crystal detailing. With a genuine love of craftsmanship, the juxtaposition of machine-made Perspex elements with London-based handcrafted assembly is an important factor in Merle's design process.'

I love that her designs are capacious and intricate yet utterly lightweight. The day before I'd been wearing huge heavy earrings and my lobes were still sore. Merle has created a solution to one of my biggest fashion problems! Thank you! 

The Kinetic Pendant (above) will be available from July priced at £180. If you can't wait that long head on over to Kabiri and snap up her current collection.

Simon Ekrelius' latest collection 'Stardust' is so beautiful it immediately caught my eye at the On/Off exhibition. He uses several types of fine silk in his work, and his attention to design is meticulous (how does he get the sleeves of this jacket to envelop the arm so effectively?)

His entire collection was made from start to finish in the UK, and you can buy it at My Sugarland in Islington.


This bracelet reminds me of a piece I found at an antiques market in Brussels.

Peter Lang is a well established name in Australia, but this season he's trying to break into the UK market. His vintage inspired pieces have appeared in tons of films including The Matrix, Australia (of course) and Moulin Rouge. Lets be honest, he's not going to find it difficult to secure a stockist is he? 


I'm so excited about this collection! Seriously, every single piece, without exception, is beyond amazing. SeungHee Lee is a London based CSM Womenswear MA grad (but of course!) with serious talent. Her blend of 'constructive technique and draped silhouettes' is what fashion is about right now.

I couldn't get hold of anyone with regards to stockists but keep an eye on the website for more info.


Viking graduated from London College of Fashion last year, and this season exhibited at the Vauxhall Fashion Scout venue where I spotted his work. I'm really feeling his modern brand of tailoring.

'His eastern upbringing and western lifestyle fuse to create new conceptual shapes, challenging the confines of androgyny with a new elegance. The introduction of detail and embellishment to the preservation of traditional tailoring is intrinsic to his avant-garde signature.'

Viking is currently looking for a stockist for his first collection. It won't be long I'm sure!



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