Posted by Bethan Holt, Junior Fashion Editor at Large

Tamara Mellon's leather legging boots at Net-a-Porter
Tamara Mellon's long-awaited collection of fashion staples launched today on Net-a-Porter. The most intriguing item is a pair of sleek leather boots which morph into actual leather leggings. It might be considered a landmark moment in the history of wardrobe essentials. There are a plethora of questions which come to mind when confronted with Mellon's £1,595 leather creations.

The first is: how would one put them on elegantly? The answer to that, unless they come with a revealing instruction manual, is probably that they would have to be donned in privacy, on a day when there would no stipulation to remove your shoes at any point.

The second question: what should should they be called? In the tradition of the tregging, maybe these are beggings (boots and leggings). Or if they are more of a boot then are they a troot? Or even a loot?

The third question: why exactly are they called Sweet Revenge? The explanation is predictably linked to her rift with Jimmy Choo. According to a piece from The Telegraph in September, Mellon has said that the boots symbolise "the kind of innovation that was all but bled out of the luxury shoe label before her departure in 2011". They say revenge is a dish best served cold, or in this case through the medium of a mind boggling new fashion piece. Here's hoping Nigella has been sent a pair.


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