Posted by Bethan Holt, Junior Fashion Editor at Large

It's that time of year again when snow is forecast and, almost perversely, Cruise collections hit designer shops on the assumption that we will of course be escaping somewhere sunny to escape falling temperatures and dark days and will need a new wardrobe for the occasion. Whether you really are flying off on a jet plane- Gucci call it "soar(ing) towards a sun-soaked horizon”- or not, there's definitely no harm in a little fashion fantasising as we get into the festive season proper. That’s probably why Cruise remains, even though the traditions it was built upon barely do.

This is where the power of a brilliant style prop comes in. That little thing can become your shortcut to another time and place, make you a more glamorous and exotic version of yourself. A bit like a really fabulous tardis really.

Take Gucci's shimmering silver clutch bag which forms part of the accessories offer in the new Cruise collection. It’s like a portable disco ball; this bag could start a party wherever it goes. Frida Giannini thinks of “Jerry Hall beaming with breezy style”. Imagine picking it up and immediately you feel a little bit transformed, perhaps with a dash of Bianca Jagger attitude or Diana Ross glamour.

At that point, it's almost irrelevant whether you’re dressing for dinner in Rio or for mulled wine in London, your prop takes you wherever your fashion fantasies want to go. Ta-da.

Gucci's shimmering silver clutch bag

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