Illustrated Fashion capitals - Paris or why I am still not there.

Last year around this time I was actually planning to move from Shanghai to Paris. I even completed first level three month French classesAlliance française de Shanghai. I think I got 8 out of 10. Not bad after all. French counting is really annoying I got bored at that point already. It is out of any logic - 80 is quatre-vingts, literally four-twenties. 90 is even worth - you have to add to four -twenties dix or ten... Putain.. what a snobbish language it is. 
But I love my French friends and Paris hah. Who doesn't? But I am not sure I wanna live there. Not now.
Soo I am studying Chinese instead. Finally. After five years as my vacabullary sucks. Damn it is damn complicated. I mean both languages. I am quite sure I will never learn how to use them properly. 
My Japanese is way better, and my English, and Russian and Latvian and even my super poor Italian and German. 
So anyway, for a while I will stay in Paris of East - Shanghai and do my fashion my way. Hope you enjoy!


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