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And so, the time is near... no don't worry, I'm not going to get that dramatic, but I am posting here to let you know that I am riding off into the sunset, and this is my last missive as the Fashion Junior at Large.

I have been working with the Fash Ed since May last year and boy, what a lot has happened in that time. Much more than I could ever fit in to one solitary post. We have been through three fashion seasons together, two rounds of shows, and had adventures I could never have imagined before I joined the weird and wonderful world of fashion.

Highlights have included whizzing around London Fashion Week in a Mercedes, day trips to Paris, and all number of crazy fashion events. Not to mention the Grazia stories, and reams and reams of blog posts that we have filled this website with; who will ever forget the Big Heads? (I have a funny feeling you'll be seeing them again soon.)

 George and Mel, Mel and George, at our big head best!

But anyway. I am spreading my writing wings and from next week you'll be able to find me posting over at, as well as the usual Glitterbird randomness. But don't worry, I won't be leaving the Fash Ed to roll solo; I have met the future Fashion Junior, and you know what? You're gonna love her.

So that's all folks.


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