Invitation to my fashion illustration exhibition & fashion installation


You are invited to attend:

Baiba Ladiga: Fashion illustration exhibition and fashion design
installation NUT Just Rabbits.

Thursday at 7:30pm - Friday at 12:30am
THE NUT // 1147 KANGDING RD, BLD E (Corner with WUNING NAN LU) Shanghai

Don´t be late, don´t be late to a very important date.

NUTSIDE DOWN> the art of a new perspective
In a world like this, it's better to flip it and be original.

Where rabbits dress up and people desire beauty.

As invitation needed, only your presence is requested.

This night of fun is brought to you by:

Serena Barbieri: Aperitivo and drinks.

Greenhouse Project: Art direction, music and fun.

Lorenzo Petrillo: Supervision from sea level

Baiba Ladiga. Born in Jelgava (Latvia), Baiba is a fashion illustrator
designer and stylist. After completing a fashion design course at Art
college and spending a lot of time in life drawing and painting
courses, she graduated from the Art academy of Latvia with Masters of
Art in fashion design, in 2004. Currently she is a fashion design
lecturer at Raffles Design Institute, Shanghai, China,where Baiba
mostly teaches fashion drawing and illustration. During this time, she
decided to return to illustration and start freelancing as a fashion
illustrator. Her work is included in fashion illustration books like
“Fashion Illustration Exposed” and upcoming “The bigger book of
fashion illustration”.

Favorite media: China ink, watercolor, markers, gel ink pen and collage.
Revenge photos by Z. Mellupe ( in collaboration
Revenge Video by Yocky Zhang ( , art direction by Holo Lu

Collaborative Painting: Dyce Productions
Warm up your creative engine for the Artist Battle this week at The
Nut. Find out more about Artist Battle at 800Show and participate in
the initiative at this action group painting.
Artist Battle will be held on October 23rd.


In a nutshell, an after work escape!

NUTSIDE DOWN> 一个全新的艺术视角

10月4日星期四 晚上7点以后
坚果 // 康定路1147号E栋(近武宁南路)




Serena Barbieri - 上海瑟露娜: Aperitivo 和酒水

Greenhouse Project: 艺术指导,音乐和乐趣

Lorenzo Petrillo - 罗力:公共空间设计

Baiba Ladiga: 时尚插图和时装设计装置
Baiba Ladiga是一位时装设计师和插画师。在完成了艺术学院的时装设计课程和花费大量时间和精力于绘画课程后,她于2004年获得了拉脱维亚艺术学院时装设计专业的硕士学位。Baiba出生在拉脱维亚的叶尔加瓦市,目前是莱福士设计学院(上海,中国)的时装设计讲师。大多数的时间Baiba教授时装制图与插画课程。在此期间,她决定重返插图领域并成为自由职业的时尚插画家。
Revenge的照片由 Z. Mellupe
Revenge影象由Yocky Zhang提供(参考链接:由Holo Lu艺术指导

共同参与绘作:Dyce Productions

在本周The Nut活动中, 让你的创意细胞活跃起来! 来800Show,
寻找更多的艺术创作,亲身参与到此次的集体绘作倡导活动中来!此次的艺术战役将于10月23日举办。 请参考链接:

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ThE NuTs
The Nut Lab / Shanghai
1147 Kangding Rd, 1/F, Bld E
T: (+86) 2161 375 337


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