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All savvy public figures know that airport is akin to catwalk. If you have a new book, film or even career reinvention to promote then nailing a great plane-to-taxi look will give you those essential, yet seemingly effortless, column inches and a huge online buzz. John Galliano flew into LA at the weekend just as the news was emerging that he is to teach a new class at Parsons, New York's School of Design. To the untrained eye, Galliano's look is "eccentric" and "bohemian-style" (yes, Daily Fail you guessed it). However, a careful second glance shows that the outfit is comprised of key pieces which show that Mr G is completely up-to-speed with fashion right now. Don't believe me? Let me show you...

John Galliano arrives at LAX in wht is actually a very
fashion-now look (image via


Galliano's choice of man-skirt print is bang on the fashion money right now. Christopher Kane and Michael Kors were among the numerous designers who did it for Autumn. The silky material is also a high-fashion touch, taking it from army surplus to statement piece.


One of Galliano's several layering pieces is a lace blouse with what appears to be a slightly flared sleeve. The layering is key because that build-up of flimsy tops (rather than one hefty jumper) was a key styling trick on the recent AW13 catwalks. The blouse has something of the pyjama about it and you only have to look at what Marc Jacobs did at both his own label and Louis Vuitton to see that luxurious, come-to-bed silky/ lacy/ furry textures are in favour for the coming fashion season.


This is where Galliano's nod to street style comes in. A classic way the most photographed girls liven up their look is by wearing socks underneath their killer Kirkwood sandals. Ok, so Galliano's footwear is more Jesus that Kirkwood but it's the same premise. Notice how one sock is pulled up, while the other is artfully rolled down. See The Sartorialist's recent post for further evidence.


It's difficult to tell exactly what Galliano's base layer tee spells out but I'd have a stab at "Varsity". Whatever the real word, he clearly knows that everyone from Topshop to Rodarte has jumped on the slogan wagon of late and thus, so has he. It may be reading a little too much into it, but isn't it cleverly subversive that we know he's wearing one, yet we cannot read what it says?


Any pink, from piglet to pepto-bismol, is a big thing for Autumn. Galliano demonstrates that he is completely aware of this with his choice of sunglasses, thus getting in on the trend way before the rest of us have got round to it.


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