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Dee Dee and Sanya (image from

Last night, Sanya Richards Ross of Team USA won Gold in the 400m, yay for her! 
However, what she maybe doesn't know yet is that she and team mate Dee Dee
 Trotter (who took the Bronze) have been jointly awarded FEAL's Gold Medal for
 fusing fashion and the Olympics- they've won the Fashlympics. Sanya and Dee
 Dee put to serious shame those of us who skulk through our workouts in bare faces
 and old t-shirts through their utterly genius combination of regulation kit and 
personal style. They're like the girls at school who somehow manage to make
 their uniform look good. Obviously, not many people broadcast their exercise
 routines live to millions around the world so really we can understand why they
 put in the effort.

Sanya had the now ubiquitous patriotic nail art and both wore the equally everywhere
 fluoro trainers (of which more later in the week). But there was plenty more too. 
Dee Dee went one step better than nails and decorated her face with a sequinned 
stars and stripes motif which not only sparkled up the race track but meant that she
 looked appropriately fancy when she took to the podium to receive her medal 
rather than being the sweaty mess we have quite understandably become used to
 in the past week. You may remember how many comments were elicited by
  Lizzie Armitstead's pearl earrings which she wore to complete the 140km cycling
 road race last weekend, Sanya went one better and plumped for the interlocked Cs of
 Chanel for her ear adornment. Finally, and most impressive of all was Sanya's Azealia
 Banks-esque mermaid hair which she wore very long and loose. I'm no scientist, but surely
 she could have run a second or two faster had she not had that mane flowing behind her?
 This suggests that she was very happy to put personal style before her aerodynamics and 
feeling so confident she could win that no hair minimising measures were required. 

So, any girls out there who think that doing exercise means sacrificing looking good, 
may I present Sanya and Dee Dee, Gold and Bronze medallists AND Fashlympic
Sanya's Chanel earrings (image from
Hair like a mermaid, run like the wind (image from
Sanya Richards Ross does the Olympic nail art thing (image from

Dee Dee Trotter goes one better with her brilliant stars and stripes make-up (image from


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