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"Queen of Accessories" is one of the ladies featured on Ari Seth Cohen's Advanced Style blog 
In a world with no shortage of street style blogs, Ari Seth Cohen's Advanced Style stands out as being properly unique, inspirational and unfalteringly fabulous. Why? Because his subjects are the grande dames of the world- they are fearless and confident dressers and utterly defy any of the fading into the background stereotypes often associated with the more mature members of the population. No matter what your age, this is a site which will always bring a smile to your face and fresh ideas to the way you think about your style.

Ari's book, released this week (image from
This week, Cohen has released a book based on his blog. On 7th June, Ari will be in London where the one and only Mary Portas will host the UK launch party at her store in House of Fraser on Oxford Street. We were excited to hear word that an Advanced Style film is also in the offing- it looks set to be the much craved sort-of-sequel to the brilliant Bill Cunningham documentary. However, Ari and his filmmaker friend Lina Plioplyte need your help to finish the documentary they've spent two years creating. They've taken to Kickstarter, the site where creative projects can showcase to attract funding, because they need our help to get the film through the last stages of production. Here at FEAL, we believe it would be a travesty for the footage Ari and Lina have gathered to go unshared so we urge you to give a few spare pennies towards the Advanced Style piggy bank. In return, you'll get what we're sure will be a highly entertaining and inspiring look at the women we probably all aspire to become one day.


"Women see me and they say, 'I want to dress a little more fun!'"

"You can break the rules once in a while, I'm not ready for a convent"

"Young women, you're going to be an old woman some day, don't worry about it!"

Look at Ari and Lina's taster....


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