Elite Model look Shanghai

Last Wednesday I went to see  Elite  Model Look final at Shanghai Mercedes-Benz Arena. Kylie was singing ( again, I guess she is coming to Shanghai at least once a year same as D&G) and there were some past  including  Elite  Model Look winners including adorable Fei Fei  Sun. The show was a bit on a boring and slow side as it was for TV and they definitely need a better stylist ( sequin mini dresses and sailor outfits - common).
But as for the winner I was quite sure it is going to be Julia Schneider from Sweden and she was. Why? As her catwalk was very masculine and unique and she looks so much as one of today's top models Serbian Australian model Andrej Pejic. Both androgynous, blond, with strong eyebrows. See your self.  Andrej Pejic :

Julia Schneider:


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