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It may still be August, but our minds have firmly turned to Christmas this morning with the news that Lady Gaga is to take on Santa, opening her own Christmas pop-up shop, Gaga's Workshop, at Barney's in New York. And this is no half-hearted edit with Gaga's name simply stuck on as a marketing ploy. Oh no, the megastar and her close collaborator Nicola Formichetti have personally worked on a collection of gifts. These will be sold in the 'Gaga grotto' which will take over the entire fifth floor of the store. On top of that, there will be loads of products, from books to jewellery made from sweets, which Gaga will handpick for the space. Luckily for anyone not in NY, a selection of Gaga's gifts will be available online.

Ho Ho Ho, Ho Ho Ho (Image from
 This wouldn't be a Haus of Gaga project without some extravagant exhibitionism. In that spirit, the store's windows will all be dedicated to the collaboration. Barney's CEO Mark Lee told WWD that “Where the windows have been the centerpiece in the past, they will be a huge important part of the story, but now, we also bring the windows to life upstairs with the shopping experience.” There has not yet been any confirmation of a performance of some kind but wouldn't it be brilliant to have the real Gaga singing Christmas carols as you went about your last minute present shopping?

So what might we expect to find in Gaga's festive space? Well, we're gunning for a new take on the infamous meat dress, perhaps a turkey version.  And some seasonally themed armpit hairdyes, green or red, or even gold. It would be great to see her supporting some young designers by getting their pieces into her space. She recently wore a rubber dress by Birmingham City University Fashion graduate Rebecca Short. Get on the case Nicola!

Gaga does graduate design, by Rebecca Short (Image from
The Gaga store might also sell gifts to inspire customers to explore their individuality. Lee told WWD that 'Holiday is about joy, sharing and inclusiveness, and to me, Gaga really represents all of that...Her platform is so much about positivity, individuality and universality in a very today way'' Might we see a Joe Calderone (Gaga's male alter-ego) wig or clothing collection?

Gaga as Joe, who has a bit of the Bob Dylan about him, don't you think? (Image from
Ultimately, we're sure that Lady Gaga will shock and surprise with her shop choices. There's no doubt that it will be THE retail experience of the Winter, with so much more than the products enticing customers in. We are pleased to hear that the Gaga Workshop will be donating 25% of its takings to charity. At the moment, we can only dream of what it might be like but if anyone can revolutionise Santa's grotto, and bring it, somehow, kicking and screaming into 2011, then the Lady for the task is Gaga.


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