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Today's London Fashion Week schedule is just crazy. No joke. We were forced to skip a show in order to eat. So with 45 minutes in the bag, I thought it would be lovely to share a few of my Christopher Kane catwalk images and some quotes from the man himself.  All we can say is him Mum must have let his eat a lot of sweeties when he was a kid!
were your sequin dresses inspired by mermaids? "No, I was thinking of my Soda Steam from when I was a kid. You know that woosh when the fizz rose up. I really wanted that feeling of bubbling over."

The plastic with the coloured liquid inside, where did the idea come and how long did it take to perfect? "It was from the ice-pops we used to eat as a kid, and a pencil case I had at school." Indeed when you finish the ice-pop there is always a bit of coloured liquid left that one has to squeeze out. I remember them well.  "It took a month to get the mix of colours right. My favourite is the black and purple mix. I love how the liquid is this toxic thing that can be so beautiful to look at."

"The crochet is inspired by bedspreads and blankets that you see in homely places. We created them in soft cashmere and recoloured them in dark greens and blues, which has never been done before. It is really soft, and really light and spongy to the touch."

Photos: Fashion Editor at Large


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