Chris Kane beats Kate Moss at TopShop!

At the Downing Street reception for the great and good of british fashion last night Christopher Kane and his sister Tammy were quietly preening at the news that their collection for TopShop - which went on sale yesterday morning online and instore - was already more successful than Kate Moss's for the same store. How so? "By 9am this morning we had made £132,000 in online sales, £30,000 more than the Kate Moss collection had at 9am on its first day," a Kane sibling told me. Considering the phenomenal PR Kate's launch had, that is amazing. Good on you Chris. Especially as Sir PG was saying only a few months ago that "Christopher Kane needs a better business head on his shoulders." Bet you're not saying that after he made you £132,000 in thirty minutes, eh Philip?

Kane is on such a roll at the moment. Not only was that news worth raising a glass to, but the nude and black cocktail dress signature of his just-hit-the-stores Autumn 2009 collection was the dress of the night. Lara Stone the model wore one, as did Tammy Kane, and Justine Fairgrieve, while Grazia editor Jane Bruton wore the skirt version.

Meanwhile designer Erdem dressed Sarah Brown for the event, and Sarah did look stunning. He escaped over to me asking "please hide me for a minute, all the newspaper fashion editors are hugging me and I'm getting make-up all over my glasses." Erdem is so pristine looking. He recovered quickly, and last I saw Hilary Alexander was bearing down on him to get a group shot outside number ten. Oh the joys of fashion fame!


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